Public Relation Advisor & Licensed Executive Wealth Strategist

Johanna Stock

Johanna Stock has been involved in different businesses ownerships, franchise ownerships, and investments, throughout the years. For the last 12 years, Johanna has been a serial entrepreneur, and has become a highly sought-after public speaker. 7 Years ago, she transitioned full-time into the financial industry, where she immediately became passionate about educating people in finance, and empowering others to learn how to take control of their own lives. She is currently licensed in multiple states and works with clientele around the country.
4 years ago Johanna was chosen to participate in an Anthology to share her personal story. The book titled, “Courageous World Catalysts”, became an #1 International Amazon best seller overnight in the US, Canada, Australia, and multiple European countries.
Johanna has four beautiful children, and is currently a mentor, leader, licensed Wealth Advisor, Owner and co-founder of an independent, nationwide financial firm. She is driven by teaching others how to succeed.
In her free time, Johanna loves to travel, volunteer, keep herself fit through martial arts, and of course, spend time with her family and friends; knowing the importance of balancing home life, as well as a business woman. Today, Johanna
teaches clients and organizations across the U.S. the importance of money and self-development, and programs to help achieve financial independence and overall happiness.