President, Licensed Executive Wealth Strategist

Cindy Lizarazo. (Liz)


Cindy began as an Entrepreneur at the age of 21 in business, she ran a successful transportation business before her venture with Financial services, her vast experience made her succeed in her career in the height of the economic recessions.

She is a very successful Financial Strategist, Retirement planning and lifestyle expert. She was drawn to the financial services industry as a result of a family loss and the scarcity of economic strength that was directly related to the lack of proper financial planning.

Due to the initial experience in the car business and market volatility – adopted a “safe wealth” retirement planning perspective that allows clients to participate in market appreciation while protecting wealth from intermittent economic downturns and volatility.
Just as important as it is to protect against market downturns It also is as important to protect against increasedtaxation.

As a result, the vast majority of strategies that are implemented by Cindy with clients, they are protected from traditional market downturns and are tax-free in nature.

Cindy is an extremist sports enthusiast and full of life. She loves to travel the world and is also an investor in foreign Real State.
Aquatic sports in nature are her favorite. She spends much of her free time enjoying adventures with her family, mountain biking, and water sports.