Strategic and Business Growth Advisor, Lawyer, Serial Entrepreneur.

Christine Perakis


Christine Perakis has been a lawyer, strategic business adviser, serial entrepreneur, C-Suite executive, grad school professor, and professional boat captain, bestselling author, navigating myriad transactions, businesses and clients across 5 continents.

Her work, expertise, and interests have taken her beyond a lucrative legal practice in the entertainment industry over a couple of decades. A number of Christine’s clients, because of their commitment and desire to more fully utilize her breadth of skills and experience, offered Christine equity and brought her in to manage their businesses from the C-suite, or as a managing partner.

Consequently, Christine has run or been a part of a management team in 11 businesses, growing, expanding and achieving results beyond the expectations of all involved. Her most recent role was as COO in a company that went from a 100% equity-funded startup to a $10 million/year business in just a few short years. Christine now brings her talents and wisdom to Insurance Advisors Of America.

Christine shares her passion and expertise for growing businesses to support the Insurance Advisors Of America team to reach as far as they are willing to go, with her programs and training and enthusiasm.